Top 3 Coding Languages In 2021

We know when you start your coding journey, it can be a very difficult choice to pick what language you want to learn. In this article, we will go over three different languages, Python, Java and JavaScript. So let’s break down each language, and explain what each one is and what it can be used for as well as resources to start your coding expedition.


Python, (not to be confused with the snake), is a fairly new coding language, that excels in many areas. Python is mainly used for Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, and much more. Many companies such as Tesla and Dropbox use python for software development. Tesla has built almost all of the algorithms for FSD (Full Self Driving) using Python Machine Learning. Why should you learn this language? Well, if you always wanted to learn Machine Learning or Data Analytics, then Python is the way to go. Web Development, while it may not be the best suited when it comes to Python, it is definitely feasible using frameworks such as Flask 2.0 and Django.

Python Learning Resources
– Codemy (
– W3 Schools (
– PyDis (


Java has been widely used for software development by many major organizations already. Java is used mainly for back end development jobs that contain mass amounts of data. It is also commonly used for Android Development, Mobile Computing, & Game Design. So why would you want to learn Java, well beside the points made above already, it is also quite fast and needs minimal computing power, which can be helpful in many cases, especially in mobile computing (mobile based games).

Java Learning Resources
– CodeCademy (
– LearnJavaOnline (


JavaScript is another major coding language, but unlike Java and Python, which have many uses, JavaScript has one but very popular use, which is web development. JavaScript is the best language to use if you want to built user friendly websites, as well as the back end development of the site. Along with web development, it can be used for Machine Learning and Bot Development, (such as Discord Bots), but again, it is most predominantly used for web development.

JavaScript Learning Resources
– CodeCademy (
– Free Code Camp (